Zamzam ™ LLC is a steel and aluminium fabrication unit of the group registered in the emirates of Ajman. The company is equipped with state of art technology which includes well experienced and highly skilled staff and equipments to offer a wide range of solutions for modern engineered structures. The company offers economical and high quality technical solutions to fulfill the highest modern engineering design requirements with compatible system and components that guarantee long term durability, safety and outstanding performance for all types of designs that require all kinds of MS steel structures, Fencing, Structural Mezzanine etc.

We offer complete storage systems that include Pallet, Long span, Rack support portable mezzanine, Cantilever bar, Pipe storage racks. We also deal in metal cladding and composite panels, aluminium doors and windows, curtain walls and claddings, aluminium and gypsum partitions, Suspended Ceilings, Oil & Water Tank and in Glass work.

Customer service & prompt attention to the requirement of site support, technical information and prompt delivery are the corner stones by which the company measures its success. The company has made its presence in many prestigious projects in the UAE.

The company assures that the materials are readily available at every stage of every project. As part of the services offered, demonstration on the use of individual products is readily available. The company deals with the products manufactured by the companies which are certified by ISO and conform to international standards like ASTM and BS. The products have independent quality audit, tested by reputed laboratories and are approved by various ministries, municipalities, and consultants in the UAE. Our mission is to deliver our individual customers innovative and high quality products & services at valued prices in its own individuality.

Best Regards,

Sulman Tariq (For Board of Promoters)