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    Light Duty Shelving
    Nice Looking
    Easy to Install
    Flexible Composition
    Wide Usage
    Ideal Storage System
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    Pallet Racking
    Regular Aisle Selective Pallet
    Best Solution to Wide Variety of Articles
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    Medium Duty Long Span Shelving
    Simple Frame and Shelf Configuration
    Wide Range of Beams and Frames
    Capable of Withstanding Heavy Loading
    All Shelves are Fully Adjustable
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    Bulk Storage
    Allow a Forklift to Enter the Rack
    Pallets are Stored in a Block System
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    Steel Structure Shed
    Protect for Earth Quick
    Provide You Big Span of Roofing

Welcome to ZAMZAM Aluminium & Steel Works

Storage Solutions Adapted to Your Needs

ZAMAM is a Steel and Aluminum fabrication unit of the group registered in the Emirates of Ajman. U.A.E. The company is equipped with state of art technology which includes well experienced and highly skilled staff and equipment's to offer a wide range of solutions for modern engineered structures.

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